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LaFayette and Tully CSA Pick Up at Big Picture School

The Big Picture School hosts a weekly CSA Pick-up open to the public on Tuesdays from 2:30 – 7:00pm.  Our weekly CSA deliveries begin the second week of June and end the second week of November.  Choose from two CSA Share Box options, the Basic CSA Share filled with 30-35 servings of certified organic vegetables each week and the Premium CSA Share filled with 40-45 servings and 10-12 different varieties of certified organic vegetables.  Members receive weekly updates from the farm with details about share box contents, recipes and cooking ideas, and harvest forecasts. Take advantage of a discount for full payment, or choose a payment plan with 5 installments. Visit the Share Options page to learn more about the different shares available, sign-up online!

Big Picture LearningLocation and Hours

5940 Feather Drive, LaFayette
Tuesdays 2:30 pm until 7 pm
Phone: 315.504.1003



First and Last Pick-Up days

June 9th until November 10th

When you arrive there will be stacks of vegetable boxes and a sign-in sheet. Each box will be labeled with a sticker indicating the share size. Check your name off of the sign-in sheet and take only the share box that is next to your name.

We Re-use the Boxes. After you have unpacked your share, please carefully unfold your box and return it to your pick-up location when you come for your share the next week. Also for food safety reasons, please use your boxes for vegetables only.

If You Can’t Make it to Pick-up Your Share. There is no refrigeration at this pick-up site, however, if you call before 5pm they may be able to hold your share until Wednsday morning.

If You Send Someone to Pick-up Your Share for You. Please make sure they understand that there are different share sizes, and that they need to sign-in for you and take only the box size next to your name.

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