July 29th, 2015

Academic Season Shares Start August 25th!

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It’s hard to believe it, but Academic Season shares are a little less than one month away! The Academic Season Share starts August 25th, join us for 12 weeks of deliveries at over 50 pick-up locations across Central New York. Affectionately called the “Academic Season” this share coincides with the start of the semester and back to school, but anyone can sign-up! Were you out of town this summer, or did time just get away from you? This share is for you!

The Academic Season Share

Pick-up a weekly delivery of 7 -9 certified organic vegetables packed in a half bushel box. The box yields 30 – 35 servings each week. Check out our sample share box page to get an idea of what might come in your share.  This CSA Share is just $276 for 12 weeks or $23/week. Pay in one payment or 3 installments, and get 2% off when you pay in full.

Member Benefits 

Weekly Meal Plan – CSA Members receive an e-mail each week when our delivery van leaves the farm. The e-mail contains a list of the vegetables in this week’s share, and links to our Vegetable Guide pages with storage info, pictures, and more. We’ll include 5 recipes that are tailored to each share’s contents and an easy to download or print shopping list. Choose from omnivore, gluten free, and vegetarian options. Local ingredients can be picked up at many of our convenient Pick-up Locations.

The Farmers’ Market Discount. Buy extras of your favorite vegetables at our Farm Stand and receive 20% off. CSA Members will receive a membership card in their first share (pro-rated members can pick one up at market). Currently we attend the Saturday & Wednesday Ithaca Farmers’ Market and the CNY Regional Market in Syracuse.

Questions ??? Call us at 315.237.9170 or sign-up online!

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