July 7th, 2014

Bacon Wrapped Scallions

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Bacon Wrapped Scallions

This could not be easier to make, and it looks much fancier than it is. Bunches of scallions have been plentiful in the CSA Shares, and last week’s were so impressive I’ve been looking for recipes where scallions are at the forefront instead of merely a garnish. Scallion salad is a great main dish for scallions, and  I kept seeing bacon wrapped scallions so I had to try them. The results, with Autumn’s Harvest Bacon were delicious. The scallions get a lot of flavor from the bacon. I like to cut the bacon in half, but feel free to wrap the scallions with a whole slice if you prefer. Clean the scallions, remove the bottoms and cut them into 6 -7 inch pieces.

Bacon Wrapped Scallions by Early Morning Farm CSA

Wrap two scallions with each piece of bacon. For 1/2 lb (or a full pound if using whole slices) of bacon you should use about 20 -24 scallions and 10 – 12 slices or half-slices bacon. Wrap the scallions in bundles and then place them seam side down in a skillet. Cook over medium low heat, flipping once until bacon is crispy and scallions are browned and starting to wilt. Serve warm.

Bacon Wrapped Scallions by Early Morning Farm CSA

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