June 6th, 2013


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washing celeriac for the CSA

Washing Celeriac for our CSA!

Celeriac also known as Celery Root is a very versatile fall CSA root crop.  The knobby root stores exceptionally well in a refrigerator crisper drawer and can be used raw or cooked, the flavor is similar to a mild celery.  If there are celery stalks attached these can be used for preparing vegetable or meat stocks but are generally considered too fibrous for other culinary uses.

To prepare for use:  Break off any roots that are still attached to the main mass, as well as any celery stalks attached, and wash thoroughly.  For some uses it may be desirable to peel – use a vegetable peeler and a paring knife.


Celeriac with "celery stalks" attached.

Some Celeriac Suggestions:

Raw: Sticks for a vegetable plate, cubed or grated in salads, grated with cabbage, carrots or other root veg.

Cooked: Cut into “fries” coated with oil salted and roasted, cubed and added to soups, cooked and mashed with potatoes.  Added to potato-leek soup – pureed.

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