September 27th, 2012

Chop and Clean a Leek

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Leeks are delicious relative of onions and garlic. They make a great addition to soups, quiche, or they can be braised or broiled and used by themselves.  This post will show you how to prep leeks for sautéing – a first step for many recipes including Potato Leek Soup.

How to Chop and Clean a Leek

First rinse the leek and trim the top leaves and very bottom where the roots attach.

How to Chop and Clean a Leek

Next carefully slice the leek lengthwise as shown.

How to Chop and Clean a Leek

Leeks can be fairly gritty, dirt gets down in between the layers, but if you rinse the leeks under running water, separating the layers as you rinse, they are not hard to clean.

How to Chop and Clean a Leek

Slice the leeks into half moons or lay the leek halves face down on a cutting board and slice them into strips.

How to Chop and Clean a Leek

Cutting perpendicular to the strips in thin slices makes a very easy to sauté end product!

How to Chop and Clean a Lee

To chop a leek into rings start with Step 1, then slice into rings. Submerge the rings in water and swish to loosen any dirt. Drain and use in recipes.

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