August 8th, 2014

CSA Harvest Forecast – Week 10

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Tomatoes are starting to pour in! We should be able to put an extra tomato in every box this week – if you haven’t already please check out our post on Heirloom Tomatoes to get the low down. Heirloom tomatoes often have a less than perfect appearance but we believe the taste difference is worth the blemish factor!

Peppers are coming on strong – the red and yellow ripe peppers are not quite ready, maybe a week or even two. Also we’ll try and switch back to Carrots and maybe leave the beets out of the share this coming week. We’ll also put Chard in the boxes instead of Kale, as long as our new planting grows enough over the weekend. Speaking of new plantings – we have a fresh round of Cilantro and Dill that is on the cusp of readiness and we’ll be rotating that through the boxes as soon as we can.

farm store items

Don’t forget about our Online Farm Store! Here’s the items and prices for this week:collards

Beets, no greens – 15 lbs for $20
Lettuce, mixed varieties – 8 heads for $15
Kale, Red Russian or Curly – 8 bunches for $15
Collard Greens – 8 bunches for $15
Summer Squash and Zucchini, mixed – 20 lbs for $20

 Click here to access the farm store!!!

this weeks harvest forecast

Kale, Collards or Swiss Chard
Summer Squash
Green Peppers
Hot Peppers


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