June 12th, 2015

CSA Harvest Forecast – Week 2

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The Forecast

Swiss Chard
Mustard Greens
Hakurei Turnips (aka Japanese Salad Turnips)


Bok Choy

Rain Casualties: 


Coming Up: 
Napa Cabbage
Spring Onions
Collard Greens

Rain, Rain, Rain!

This week we got over 3 inches of rain here in southern Cayuga County.  We farmers love to complain about the weather, it’s pretty much always – too hot, too cold, too wet, or too dry – and I’m as guilty as the rest of the casual criticism of our natural fluctuations. However, we’ll try and only report to you when the weather is actually having a significant impact on our crops. While fortunately most of our crops will withstand an occasional drencher of a week, this is not the case for strawberries that are starting to ripen.

The strawberry patch was pretty much in standing water for most of the week and – just our luck – the berries are starting to ripen! What we are already seeing and will almost certainly get worse is mold on the berries. There isn’t really a good way to manage this issue without using some pretty nasty chemicals (which we wouldn’t do ever) and so it looks like the berries are toast!

Pro-Rated Shares – Tell Your Friends!

og-signupIt’s absolutely not too late to sign up for a share for this year! We typically raise our price by a dollar a week (very modest increase) after the season begins but we don’t usually close out sign-ups. So tell your friends and relations about us – they’ll only pay for the weeks remaining when they signup.

Thanks Again

Our first week of CSA deliveries went very smoothly and we’ve received a fair amount of flattering emails from ya’ll! But really – the thanks goes to you, for helping us all “live the dream!”

Happy Eating,

Anton and the Early Morning Farm Crew

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