June 19th, 2015

CSA Harvest Forecast – Week Three

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The Harvest Forecast

This week we finally got a few dry days and were able to get back on the fields and get ahead of some of the weeds out there. Whew, just in time too – they were starting to get ahead of us! The peppers and eggplants in the high tunnels are starting to set fruit, just a few more weeks…

Lettuce, Romaine or Green Leaf
Bunched young Onions
Swiss Chard


Bok Choy
Mustard Greens

Coming Soon:
Green Peppers
Napa Cabbage


Pro-Rated Shares – Tell Your Friends!

og-signupIt’s absolutely not too late to sign up for a share for this year! We typically raise our price by a dollar a week (very modest increase) after the season begins but we don’t usually close out sign-ups. So tell your friends and relations about us – they’ll only pay for the weeks remaining when they signup.

Organic Meat, Cheese, Eggs, etc

We share many of our pickup locations with the Good Life Farm from Interlaken, NY. They are working on a very interesting and important project they are calling CSA+. They’ve gotten together a number of small, local, certified Organic producers of meat, dairy, eggs and other products and come up with a dynamic offering items offered for sale via the CSA model.  There’s a picture of Melissa and Garret form The Good Life Farm in the side-bar of this post – we put it there because we really appreciate what they are doing and are hoping some of our members might want to support CSA+ as well as the Early Morning Farm CSA. If you click on the side-bar picture, it will take you straight to their website, where you can find more info and sign-up if you want!

Posts may contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same but the farm will receive a small commission. Your support is appreciated and helps us maintain the cost of running the blog.



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