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Early Morning Farm has been growing certified organic vegetables for our Community Supported Agriculture program since 1999. We have years of experience and are confident our operation is adequately staffed and equipped to produce and deliver enough food to satisfy the needs of our CSA program.

However, farming is a business with inherent risks: weather conditions, equipment failure, unforeseen pest and plant disease issues, and even occasionally, farmer error, can all negatively affect crop yields. While we at the farm will take all practical steps to mitigate these risks, we cannot reimburse, refund, or otherwise compensate for crop failures or low yields.

By becoming a member of our CSA program you are agreeing that these risks are included in CSA membership.



Members receive 20% off at our Farmers’ Market displays – we currently attend the Wednesday & Saturday Ithaca Farmers’ Market and the Syracuse Regional Market on Saturdays.

Weekly Meal Plan. CSA Members receive a weekly meal plan via e-mail customized to each CSA Share. The Meal Plan contains 5 recipes with omnivore, vegetarian, and gluten free options as well as kitchen tips and an easy to download shopping list. View a sample Meal Plan here.


Refunds and Cancellations

Membership in our CSA is a commitment to purchase and receive vegetables for an entire growing season. We generally do not offer refunds or allow cancellations However we will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis for the following issues: Major loss of household income due to unexpected unemployment or disability, death or disaster, unexpected relocation, and unresolved customer service issues.  A $50 administrative fee will be deducted from any refund issued. No refunds for the current season will be issued after September 1.


Payment Plans

We offer a payment plan that divides the cost of a CSA share into five equal payments. The first payment is due when you sign-up. If you register of renew before March your second payment will not be due until March 1st. After that your next three payments will be due on the first day of the following three months. If you register after March 1st, then your first payment will be due upon sign-up and your next four payments on the first day of each of the following four months.

Our payment plan is intended to help members manage the cost of a share but it is not a “pay-as-you-go” plan. Membership in our CSA is a commitment to purchase and receive vegetables for an entire growing season. When you sign-up and choose the payment plan option you are expected to make all five payments.


Member Accounts

When you sign-up an account is created for you with your share options, your pick-up location, and the balance on your account. You can view your account, edit your contact information, make payments, renew your share for next season, and even change your pick-up location by logging in with the email and password you created when you first signed-up. If you don’t remember your password or registered in person at a pick-up location a new password can be automatically sent you your email. Just use the “lost password” link or contact us at support@earlymorningfarm.com if you need assistance.

We will also send you emails and text messages from time to time for the purposes of providing information about our CSA program, renewals and other information we think you might be interested in. These forms of communication are important to your experience as a CSA member in our program, however, if you wish to opt out you may at anytime. 


Late or Missed Pick-ups

If you can’t make it in time to pick-up your CSA Share, contact your pick-up location.  They may be able to keep it inside until the next day.  If they don’t hear from you before the pick-up time ends, they will not hold your share.  There are no refunds for missed pick-ups or forgotten shares.


Switching Pick-up Locations

You may change your pick-up location; any pick-up location changes can be completed in your member account. All changes must be submitted by Sunday midnight for the upcoming week. If you want this to be just a one-time change, then you have to log on again after you pick-up and update your pick-up location back to your original location.


Sending Someone in Your Place to Pick-up Your Share

If you are unavailable to pick up your share we encourage you to send someone in your place. Please give your substitute thorough instructions. Make sure they know where and when the pick-up location is, and that they need to check your name off on the sign-in sheet and take only the box size listed next to your name.


Prorated Shares

Beginning of the Season: If you know in advance of the season that you will be unable to pick-up your share for four weeks or more during the season then we can pro-rate your share. Pre-season prorated shares are not eligible for any discounts other than the reduced rate and you must contact us in person to set up a prorated share.

After the Beginning of the Season: After the delivery season has begun you can still sign-up for a share. The sign-up software will automatically calculate the number of weeks and charge accordingly. After the season begins we may increase the weekly share prices, and there are no discounts available.

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