May 24th, 2012

Just Two Weeks Until the First CSA Pick-Up!

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It’s almost time again for another CSA season to begin!  In just two more weeks we’ll be packing CSA boxes for our routes and setting up at market with delicious, organic vegetables. We’ve had plenty of sunshine to work in over the last few months and we have acres and acres of farm share veggies in the ground.  It’s difficult to predict exactly what will be in the first CSA shares two weeks in advance, but these crops should be ready or just about ready by the first pick-up:  rhubarb, spinach, carrots, sunchokes, lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, parsley, radishes, arugula, and kohlrabi.  Later in June the sugar snap peas will be ready, we’ll have early beets this year, and we got an extra early planting of broccoli in, Napa cabbage, boc choi, escarole, collards, cabbage, fennel, dill and cilantro are also all later in June.

Right now the crew is busy planting potatoes, eggplants, peppers, field tomatoes, high tunnel cucumbers, celery, celeriac, winter squash, summer squash, watermelons, plus more lettuce, boc choi, kale, cabbages, escarole & radicchio, fennel, and the last of the leeks.  Hey, that’s a heap of planting I better get out of the office and help out!

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