August 25th, 2014

Refrigerator Carrot Escabeche

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Refrigerator Carrot Escabeche

You might have noticed we’re a little obsessed with making refrigerator pickles! Refrigerator pickles are easy to make, and you don’t have to worry about sterilizing jars. Make a quick jar of pickles and enjoy them within a day or two. Quick pickles keep in the refrigerator for about 2-3 weeks. It’s a great way to use up extra beets, turnips, or radishes. Pickles make a great addition to salads, and you don’t have to worry about them going bad. Escabeche is typically a Spanish dish, comprised of marinated fish or vegetables served cold. This carrot version is often served on the side of entrees at Mexican Restaurants.

Refrigerator Carrot Escabeche

Slice the carrots and onions to desired thickness. I like the carrots a little thinner than I’ve had them at some taquerias. I put the garlic cloves whole, but you could also slice them. Layer the vegetables in a quart size jar, and simmer the pickling liquid ingredients until sugar is dissolved.

Refrigerator Pickled Escabeche

Pour the warm liquid over the vegetables, and let cool. Store in refrigerator for 2 – 3 weeks. Escabeche will taste best the next day, but can be eaten once chilled.

Refrigerator Carrot Escabeche

3 medium sized carrots
2 jalepeno or serrano peppers
1 red or yellow onion
4 – 6 cloves garlic

For the pickling liquid:
2 cups water
1 cup white or rice vinegar
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
1 teaspoon peppercorns
1 bay leaf
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar

Peel carrots and onion. Slice carrots, peppers, and onions into 1/4 inch slices. Layer ingredients in a quart-size jar.

Simmer pickling liquid ingredients on the stove, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Pour warm liquid over vegetables, let cool. Refrigerate escabeche for 2 – 3 weeks if it lasts that long!

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