June 14th, 2016

Stir-fried Radish and Kohlrabi

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Stir-fried Radish & Kohlrabi

Do you have any idea how versatile radish & kohlrabi are? Fresh and crunchy both of these brassica vegetables can be enjoyed raw or cooked. One of the things I love about radish and kohlrabi are that they are completely different when cooked. Soft and mellow, this stir-fry is a welcome change from the spicy crunch of radishes (which is still an awesome way to eat them!)

Stir-fried Radish & Kohlrabi

The latest food trend is eating root to stem and this recipe is an easy easy to use up those radish greens! You’ll notice I trimmed off the kohlrabi greens (I know, I know). I really don’t like kohlrabi greens, although some people do. If you’re feeling adventurous try folding the greens of both veggies in at the end. Or don’t. I won’t tell anyone. Serve this easy dish over soba noodles, rice, or quinoa or as a simple side. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds if you like.


Stir-fried Radish & Kohlrabi

1 medium Kohlrabi bulb
1 bunch radishes (any variety, pink makes the most colorful dish)
1 tbsp canola or other high heat oil
2 tbsp tamari soy sauce or gluten free tamari soy sauce
1 tbsp rice wine vinegar

Prep the vegetables. Use a sharp knife to remove the skin from the kohlrabi. Slice into matchsticks. Remove the leaves from the radishes, and chop off the lower stems. Reserve the leaves. Slice the top and bottom from each radish, then slice into rounds, and slice crosswise into matchsticks. You should have a bit of pink of the ends of the radish sticks.

Heat oil over high heat in a wok or sauté pan. When oil is hot add Kohlrabi and Radish sticks, stir-fry just for a few minutes then add the soy sauce and rice vinegar.  Cook for a minute or two, stirring constantly, until the vegetables start to soften. Fold in the radish leaves (optional) and cook until the leaves are wilted, and vegetables softened, but still crisp. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds if desired.

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