July 18th, 2012

Summer Squash and Zucchini Varieties

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Squashes left to right: Costata Romanesco, Standard Zucchini, Straight-neck Yellow Squash, Zephyr, Cousa.

We just wanted to take a minute to post the run-down on the summer squash and zucchini’s in the share.  We grow a few unusual varieties and wanted you to know what they are. Here’s the list:

Costata Romanesco: an Italian heirloom variety, light green with white stripes. This zucchini is undeniably the best zucchini for flavor and texture.

Standard Zucchini: we grow several varieties of the standard issue zucchini. The dark green skins make them appealing and they yield well in the field.

Straight-neck Yellow Squash: Nutty flavor, delicious, and firm texture make this a favorite.

Zephyr: straight-neck yellow squash with a green tip at the end. Similar flavor (some say better) to the standard yellow squash.

Cousa: Lebanese summer squash, tastes more like a yellow squash than a zucchini, great for stuffing, stir fries and pickling.

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